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Babe Cave

Guyana’s First Collaborative Space for Businesses and Specialty Café

About Us
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Our Story

Babe Cave was founded in February 2020 by Naked Closet. At the time, NC was in search for a home to run our operations. It was a time of meeting clients in random places at any time, not having a set schedule and trying to find structure to grow.


We decided to created a space that develops business solutions, fosters growth, creativity and a channel for women to develop more financial freedom.
Since launching, our space has been home to over 150 businesses. 

We have hosted numerous events and markets bringing in thousands of patrons and creating magic.
Babe Cave changed the small business culture and we know it’s just the beginning. In 2023, we launched our café. Now our space brings a beautiful mix of local shops, gourmet coffee, home baked pastries and light lunches. It truly is one of a kind and creates bonds among people of all different walks of life.

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Our Mission

At Babe Cave, our mission is to create a collaborative workspace that empowers small businesses and women entrepreneurs to thrive. We believe that by providing an affordable and supportive workspace, we can help businesses grow, build connections, and foster a community of like-minded individuals. Our goal is to provide a space that not only supports businesses' practical needs but also helps them develop and succeed in the long term.

Our Goal

Our goal at Babe Cave is to create a vibrant community of entrepreneurs who can learn, grow, and succeed together. We aim to provide our members with the resources, support, and connections they need to succeed in their businesses.

Our goal is to create a space that inspires creativity, innovation, and collaboration, where businesses can thrive in a supportive and empowering environment. We aspire to continue expanding our community, creating new opportunities for our members and building a business that makes a difference in the lives of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Our Services

Our Services

Babe Cave changed the game. We’re proud to provide solutions for your small businesses. Our space offers a range of
amenities and services to help your biz succeed

Perfect for businesses that provide products for sale. This option gives your customers an opportunity to interact with your products and purchase at their convenience. Being a part of our space also means you will be targeting customers from over 40 other businesses thus expanding your reach beyond your clientele

I was able to work out a system with Babe Cave to
keep my business running in Guyana because Amber
is so solution focused it's impossible for your
business to fail when you have people like her and
her team who are committed to learning about your
products, responding quickly to your needs and
delivering requests at the tap of a button.

Farrah R,
Earth Star Crystal Creations

Fancy Things has been more than a business for me
and when it was time for me to get a physical
location I could think of no other location than the
Babe Cave.
Main reason: its location, this location is nestled in
Georgetown with easy access to transportation and
it has easy parking facilities. But not in my wildest
imagination did I ever image the blessings that came
with Picking the Cave. I met many women who shared
their markets and clients with me ( vice versa) the
cave has always had the Best of staff who took care
of my shelf as if it was their own, I have seen eachstaff ( both past and present) sell my items as if it
was the best on planet earth.

Renita P,
Fancy Things by R

Our Gallery

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129A, Duncan St. Georgetown, Guyana

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